The Snackistan Sound

Normally books don’t actually talk. Of course, books do get recorded, and these are known as talking books. But the book itself remains silent. Imagine then one’s surprise when Mr. Shopkeeper firstly found the Snackistan actually describing itself on Youtube: freaky, huh? Following that discovery, he then discovered this spectacular offering, called Groove Snackistan, from DJ Saint Hubert. How trendy are we? How many other cook books have an accompanying club track? You can now get your best moves on while you are cooking. Well, after a fashion.
What was actually going through my head when I was writing Snackistan (in the back room of the shop) was in all truth something a bit more like this little Kurdish number from the inimitable Jalal Hemati Who he? A sort of Iranian Flanders and Swan with added silly outfits… Enjoy. Go on – have a little dance around the kitchen. No-one’s looking.

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