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Street Food Photo of the Month: Open Kitchen

How’s this for a spot of outside catering? We just love this photo, which was taken in Egypt, although sadly we cannot actually make out what is being cooked. Especially like the use of cars as improvised tray rests.
If you took any good Middle Eastern street food pix on your holidays, do share them with us.
Photo taken by Atsuto and shared under the Creative Common Licence on Flickr.

Street Vendor of the Week: Tired Falafel Makers in Damascus

The first of a series of portraits, sketches and postcards from Snackistan. To add a little ambience to your street food experience. This week we found this ace image of Syrian falafel vendors on a fag break. You know, catering’s a hard thing. The only reason I took up smoking (long since renounced) was because I could see all the other chefs, sous-chefs and kitchen porters have a ciggie break whilst muggins here just kept working (swear down this is a true story). This image totally captures the relief of being able to stop for a moment after a hard night of chopping, carving, frying, dipping, blending, wrapping….

*Image by Will sourced under the Creative Commons Licence on Flickr.